Sweet Birthday Card

Sweet Birthday Card


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MEDIUM: Watercolor
FRONT: Have a Sweet Birthday

The Artist 

Suné Du Raan
High School
Northern Cape, South Africa


Wunderkid is proud to contribute a portion of the profit from each card sold directly into tuition funds for our Wunderkids.

All of Wunderkid envelopes are made of 100% recycled paper.

Zero Landfill Orders: Zero Landfill means that nothing from the creation of your order goes to a landfill. The last remnants of our manufacturing process after all our recycling, repurposing and up cycling efforts, is turned into energy or repurposed for use in concrete production.


Our world is filled with young artists
seeking to pursue a career in the arts, but choosing
another career path out of fear.

We believe that creativity is a vital part of our
culture. We empower young artists and provide
a platform for them to create beautiful art while
simultaneously allowing them to meaningfully pursue
a career in the arts. With each sale, we contribute
into a tuition fund for the artist.