Family Ever After by Michelle Packard

Family Ever After by Michelle Packard

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Simple Ways to Achieve Extraordinary Happiness in your Ordinary Family

"Got your Ever After? That is the question of a lifetime.  When your Ever After began I’m sure it was a happy one, but, over time, something about family life becomes a little less perfect and likely a lot less glamorous. Call me crazy but I got married so I could be with my husband. See what I said…Crazy. If you are anything like me, and probably the rest of the world, this book is for you. It gives perspective on what we call marriage and family life. Let it be your guide to making your ever after truly, sublimely happy."

In Family Ever After author Michelle Packard explores and advises on everything from time management to identifying what’s really important in any family, how to celebrate play to solving conflicts without making it worse, and managing expectations to developing a positive outlook on real patience. 

Praise for Family Ever After

"This book is an incredible reminder to be happy loving the ones who are most important in our life—our family. Through Michelle’s wit and wisdom, I found myself looking at my family with a clearer perspective of what happiness means in this reality we’re living. I ditched the rose-colored glasses long ago, but Michelle’s book provided the window cleaner I needed to see that it’s okay if everything doesn’t turn out right as long as we realize that happiness can be found within the simple things. And sometimes the simplest moments hold the most joy.

"Family Ever After is a must-read for every happily married Cinderella who wonders why she’s still holding the broom." —Rachelle J. Christensen, award-winning author of Wrong Number and Caller ID

"Michelle is open enough to have given readers an intimate look into her life and those close to her, allowing us to learn from both painful and sweet experiences. Her self-reflective style and meaningful insights, if applied, would clearly make a profound impact in the lives of readers." —Shawn Edgington Ph.D.