Pleasure: Peony Bouquet Candle

Pleasure: Peony Bouquet Candle

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Calm & Cure Candle Co

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A fresh, floral fragrance that sparks joy and happiness, and soothes the nerves at the same time! Peonies symbolize good fortune and, the soft subtle scent of this oil, will definitely encourage you to keep calm and experience all the good vibes that this Summer has to offer. You don’t have to be a bride to get this bouquet!

About Calm and Cure Candle Co.:
Uzziah Campbell is an 11 year old who, during the outbreak of COVID-19, had a vision of helping those experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, grief and other illnesses caused by the pandemic. Soon after, he witnessed the death of George Floyd, and several incidents surrounding this injustice. After attending a protest, he decided that he wanted to “calm” the world by bringing light into people’s anxious and fear-ridden dark places.

In June of 2020, one month after founding his company, Uzziah made a philanthropic contribution of his candles to medical frontline workers and scientific researchers working on a diagnosis, treatment and cure of Covid-19, in Seattle, Washington. He’s a normal kid who loves playing video games and sports. He also has a passion for making other people happy.