Swiss Cross Crinkle Paper

Swiss Cross Crinkle Paper

Hyak Trading

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  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in USA
  • SENSORY STIMULATION | The inside of Crinkle Paper consists of a special type of plastic that produces a loud crinkly sound when touched. The sound made by touching this toy attracts the infants attention and entices the infant to hold, grab, reach, and play with this sensory toy. As a result, it increase/assists in building coordination for both babies who have already discovered their hands and those who have not yet.
  • MADE IN USA | We take pride in the quality of our product, as such each Crinkle Paper is designed and manufactured in the United States. Crinkle Paper has been designed in a way that is optimal for infants, the size of the product and the materials use provide the best experience for babies. Each Crinkle Paper is handmade. Listing is for 1 Crinkle Paper
  • CPSIA COMPLIANT | All of the materials used to make Crinkle Paper are of the highest quality and meet CPSIA requirements.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR BABIES | This baby sensory toy makes the perfect gift for any occasion including: Christmas, Holidays, Birthdays, and Baby Showers. It makes for a perfect gift by itself, or as an add on gift.
  • PROVIDES ENTERTAINMENT | Our infant toy is engaging for babies and toddlers because we use vibrant colors and fun patterns that are one of a kind. Babies have always been intrigued by different sounds they hear, and this toy is made with this in mind. Parents love Crinkle Paper because it has the ability to keep babies engaged for hours, it is small enough to fit into a pocket, and it can be machine washed when it gets dirty.