About Us

Channing Baby & Co. offers an expertly curated selection of easy-to-use equipment to safely keep baby clean, fed, rested, and entertained. Our fashion-forward clothing labels will keep your baby looking trendy all the while. Because, ultimately, happy baby equals happy parent(s).

Channing Baby & Co. maintains a three point philosophy:

  • Style must be practical. Practicality, functionality, and ease-of-use need not be sacrificed for the sake of style.
  • Practicality must be stylish. Whether high tech or super simple, parent-friendly gear can be cool and fashion-forward; new parent(s) shouldn’t have to give up a sense of personal style.
  • No compromises. The travel systems, feeding, bath, sleep, and clothing items we sell express our demand to 'have it all': even the most beautiful item for baby must still serve its function.

Channing Baby & Co. is co-owned and operated by husband and wife team, Krystal and Ryan Hogaboam. As the parents of two boys under two years old (now 6 and 4), Krystal and Ryan learned first-hand the correlation between quality of gear and quality of life.

Krystal & Ryan live in Tacoma with their two boys, Ruston and Henry.